Senator McGuire's Alaska Arctic Policy Commission Presentation
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Session Office

January 18 - April 15

  • Phone: 907.465.2995
  • Fax: 907.465.6592
  • State Capitol Room 103
  • Juneau AK, 99801

Interim Office

April 20 - January 15

  • Phone: 907.269.0250
  • Fax: 907.269.0249
  • 733 W. 4th Ave. Suite 209
  • Anchorage AK, 99501.2133


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Senator McGuire has published a special report on challenges facing Alaska women:
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In the News

Alaska Empowers Women

The Last Frontier has proud history of Alaska women who have displayed strength, courage, and leadership in our state.
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PeaceHealth Ketchikan Recognized by State Legislature

PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center received a special honor this week during a visit by Alaska State Senator Lesil McGuire.
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Personal Profile


Senator Lesil McGuire grew up with those she now represents in the Legislature. With this life-long perspective, she truly understands the concerns of the people in District K in Southwest Anchorage, Alaska.

Senator McGuire graduated from Willamette University with an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication and Political Science. Following her undergraduate studies, Senator McGuire went on to work in Washington D.C. for two years as a legislative and press aide for United States Senator Ted Stevens. She subsequently obtained her Juris Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law while clerking in the United States Attorney’s Office in Oregon. Her law degree was put to use when she came back to Alaska and worked for the firm of Birch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot. Throughout her life, Senator McGuire has always sought out opportunities. She studied abroad in Russia, Greece, China, and twice in Spain. Senator McGuire has been able to translate the lessons and experiences she had abroad into assets for her own community. She has always made volunteerism a central part of her life serving various community programs such as the American Diabetes Association, the Bush Elementary School Mentor Program, Habitat for Humanity, the Salem Women’s Crisis Center, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, Commonwealth North, Covenant House, the Alaska Republican Women’s Club, the Young Republicans, and is a Board Member of the Alaska Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Board.

Senator McGuire began her work in the Alaska State Legislature as the counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. In this capacity she cultivated her knowledge of the legislative process and a proficiency to work therein. When the seat in her district opened up, she took advantage of the opportunity to help her community in a unique way and decided to run for the Alaska State House. At age 29 she was elected by an overwhelming 64% of her district. In 2006, she was elected to the Senate, once again winning her election by a large margin, earning 66% of the votes. Having been elected as the voice of her community, Senator McGuire takes this responsibility very seriously. She has worked diligently for over 13 years to make Alaska a better place for all to enjoy.

Senator McGuire currently serves as the Chair of Senate Rules well as a member on the Senate Resources and Judiciary Committees. Senator McGuire actively continues to expand her involvement in national legislative leadership organizations as well. She was honored to be selected for such prestigious recognitions as the Vice-President and President-elect of Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) and Chair of the Council of State Governments-WEST in 2007/08. She was a Henry Toll Fellow in 2003. From 2000 to 2003 she served as the Anchorage Caucus Chair. She has served on boards for American Diabetes Association, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, Covenant House, Anchorage Republican Woman’s Club, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Civil Air Patrol, Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation, Fraternal Order of the Alaska State Troopers, and Special Olympics.

Staff & Contacts

Chief of Staff

Rules Committee Aide


Personal Legislation

SB 45 - Fee/Tax Exemption for Certain Vehicles

Senate Bill 45 provides incentives to the public for electric cars, compressed natural gas (CNG), and other alternative fuel vehicles.    Full Bill Status >>

SB 78 - Naming Walter J. Hickel Expressway

Senate Bill 78 designates Minnesota Drive and a portion of O'Malley Road in Anchorage the Walter J. Hickel Expressway.   Full Bill Status >>

SB 99 - AIDEA: Development Loans

Senate Bill 99 provides technical amendments to the Sustainable Energy Transmission and Supply (SETS) Development Fund within Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA).   Full Bill Status >>

SB 140 - AIDEA: Arctic Development Program/Fund

Senate Bill 140 creates an Arctic infrastructure development program and fund in the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) to finance, or facilitate the financing of projects to the realm of Arctic Infrastructure.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 154 - AK Arctic Port and Development Authority 

Senate Bill 154 creates the Alaska Arctic Port and Development Authority as a public corporation of the state with the power to receive and administer funds in order to plan, develop, construct, own, improve, and operate ports, including deepwater ports.   Full Bill Status >>

SB 163 - Employment of Persons with Disabilities 

Senate Bill 163 makes Alaska an Employment First state by assisting individuals with disabilities to be gainfully employed through education, training, and carefully crafted individualized plans.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 164 - Resident Investment in Pipeline; PFD

Senate Bill 164 establishes a program for Alaska residents to participate as owners in a North Slope natural gas pipeline.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 165 - PERS Credit for Military Service

Senate Bill 165 relates to the use of credited military service by retired peace officers and firefighters to meet certain requirements for major medical insurance coverage.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 180 - Police Standards Council

Senate Bill 180, or “Nancy’s Law,” increases the number of public members of the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC), establishes a procedure for the council to process complaints, requires member agencies to inform complainants of their rights and protections through the APSC, and gives the APSC the ability to suspend a certificate when an officer has clearly done something that requires action, but doesn't necessarily warrant revocation.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 183 - Extend Emerging Energy Technology Fund 

Senate Bill 183 extends the termination date of the emerging energy technology fund and grant program.   Full Bill Status >>

SB 194 - Tourism Marketing Board

Senate Bill 194 creates the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 199 - Child Care Tax Credit/Facilities 

Senate Bill 99 provides a tax credit to an employer for emplyee child care expenses.  Full Bill Status >>

SB 200 - Wrongful Death of an Unborn Child 

Senate Bill 200, or "Jackson's Law," gives Alaskan families and parents civil recognition of their loss by establishing that the unborn can be victims of murder, manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide in a criminal court.   Full Bill Status >>

SB 207 - Restrictions on Campaign Contributions

Senate Bill 207 prohibits the Governor, the Lt. Governor, and elected municipal officials from accepting donations for a state-wide campaign during the legislative session, or special session, unless session is held within 90 days of the election, the person accepting a contribution is doing so for their own personal campaign, and the solicitation or acceptance does not occur in the municipality in which the session is being held.   Full Bill Status >> 

SB 216 -  Sexual assault awareness and prevention efforts in public schools.

Child abuse is a devastating epidemic that affects our most vulnerable Alaskans. Most victims suffer in silence with lifelong trauma and stigma. While we work hard to educate our children on the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, and other threats, but we rarely address the crime of child abuse, a crime that thrives on silence and manipulation. Erin’s Law will empower children, parents and teachers by providing a structure for pulling the stories of abuse out of the shadows and demonstrating to future generations that every child has a voice and no predator is safe in Alaska.Full Bill Status >>

SCR 3 - Joint Committee on Federal Overreach 

Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 establishes the Joint Committee on Federal Overreach and recommends that the Governor establish a working group to consider establishing a permanent office or authority to preserve state sovereignty.   Full Bill Status >>

SJR 8 - Mining/Processing of Rare Earth Elements

Senate Joint Resolution 8 supports the development of rare earth elements in Alaska, and urges the United States Congress to support efforts of the state to develop rare earth elements for the benefit of the economic and national security of the United States.   Full Bill Status >> 

SJR 17 - Arctic Council

Senate Joint Resolution 17 urges the United States Department of State to consider the priorities of Alaska while it holds the position of chair of the Arctic Counci, work in partnership with Alaskan officials to appoint a chair of the Arctic Council, and support the recommendations of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission report.   Full Bill Status >> 

SR 4 - Welcome Arctic Caucus

Senate Resolve 4 welcomes the delegates of the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region from Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan.   Full Bill Status >>