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Senator John CoghillMajor Initiative Saves Money While Reducing Crime

JUNEAU-Today, Senate Majority Leader John Coghill, R-North Pole, introduced Senate Bill 91, which reduces expensive prison time for non-violent offenders while incentivizing good behavior. SB91 continues a bipartisan multi-year effort to reform Alaska’s criminal justice and corrections systems and builds on the work accomplished last year through another crime omnibus bill, Senate Bill 64.  Full Story >>

Senator Anna MacKinnonSenate Passes Major Measure to Control State Debt

JUNEAU-Today, the Alaska State Senate passed a bill aimed at taking control of one of the state’s largest cost drivers: debt service. Senate Bill 64, sponsored by the Senate Finance Committee, would sunset Alaska statutes relating to state reimbursement for costs of local school construction and major maintenance debt for five years.  Full Story >>

Senator Anna MacKinnonAlaska Senate Passes Bill to Eliminate Daylight Saving Time

JUNEAU-The Alaska State Senate has passed Senate Bill 6, which would repeal daylight saving time in Alaska. SB6, sponsored by Senate Finance Co-Chair Anna MacKinnon, R-Eagle River, would allow Alaska to stay on standard time throughout the year.  Full Story >>

Senator Anna MacKinnonOPINION: It's time to repeal daylight saving time; the question is how

Alaskans from around the state are passionate about the elimination of daylight saving time. Recently I released a survey asking for your thoughts and opinions on DST, and more than 3,700 Alaskans responded. The results show overwhelming support, with over 78 percent in favor of repeal. Support for the repeal of DST held true in all regions of the state.  Full Story >>

Senator Mike DunleavySenators Welcome Non-Partisan Budget Report

JUNEAU – Commonwealth North, a non-partisan public policy organization representing a wide range of experts from around Alaska, released a report Wednesday outlining tools and making policy recommendations to control government spending and to set Alaska on a “sustainable budget” path.  Full Story >>

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