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Session Office

January 18 - April 15

  • Phone: 907.465.4958
  • Fax: 907.465.4928
  • State Capitol Room 125
  • Juneau AK, 99801

Interim Office

April 20 - January 15

  • Phone: 907.376.4958
  • Fax: 907.373.4928
  • 600 E. Railroad Avenue
  • Wasilla AK, 99654


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Personal Profile


Bill Stoltze

District F, Republican

Date/Place of Birth:

  • July 30, 1961
    Anchorage, Alaska


  • Lifelong Alaskan


  • Former Alaska State Legislature Staff: 1982 - 2002


  • Chugiak-Gruening Jr/Sr High School: 1979
  • University of Alaska, Anchorage/Fairbanks
    B.A. Political Science: 1984

Alaska State House of Representatives:

  • Co-Chair, Finance Committee: 2008 - 2014
  • Vice-Chair, Finance Committee: 2005 - 2008
  • Member, Finance Committee: 2003 - 2014
  • Member, Legislative Council Joint Committee: 2005 - 2014
  • Finance Subcommittees:
    • Court System, 2011 - 2014
    • Law, 2003 - 2014
    • Public Safety, 2003 - 2014

Other Political and Government Positions:

  • Alaska State Legislature Staff: 1982 - 2002
    • Senate President
    • Speaker of the House
  • Member, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • Chugiak Community Council

Business and Professional Positions:

  • Director/Secretary, Chugiak Senior Housing, Inc.

Service Organizations and Community Involvement:

  • Vice-President, Chugach Eagle River Chinooks, Baseball Boosters
  • Board Member, Special Olympics
  • Charter Member, Chugiak Lions
  • Elks Lodge #2682
  • Life Member, Chugiak Senior Center, Inc.
  • Volunteer Delegation Services Leader - 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games
  • National Rifle Association

Special Interests:

  • Alaska History
  • Fishing
  • Baseball
  • Gardening
Personal Legislation

SB 39 ~ Repealing the Film Production Tax Credit

Senate Bill 39 repeals the film production tax credit program as passed by the 27th Legislature, but will leave the film production program office in place.

The bill also authorizes the Department of Revenue to review and audit the record for previous recipients of film tax credits and allows the Department of Revenue the ability to recover certain damages.

SB 42 ~ The Alaskans-First Fishing Act

Senate Bill 42 directs the Board of Fisheries to place restrictions on sport and commercial fisheries before putting restrictions on personal use fisheries when the harvest of a stock or species is limited to achieve an escapement goal.

SB 58 ~ Workers’ Compensation Exemption

Senate Bill 58 establishes a workers’ compensation exemption for individuals who operate a motor vehicle under a service agreement with a transportation network company.

SB 69 ~ Chiropractic Examiners Board Update

Senate Bill 69 addresses training and utilization of chiropractic clinical assistants and interns; strengthens current law allowing chiropractors to perform school physicals; revises penalties for fraudulent practices; and updates definitions and modernizes terminology.

SB 90 ~ Medicaid Purchase of Medical Equipment

Senate Bill 90 will grant the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) the authority to use Medicaid funds for the purchase of durable medical equipment. Currently, federal law allows for the use of Medicaid funds to purchase durable medical equipment, however, under existing DHSS regulations, the purchase of durable medical equipment is prohibited.

SJR 12 ~ Election of Attorney General

Senate Joint Resolution 12 allows the voters to decide if the position of Attorney General should be democratically elected.

SJR 15 ~ The Countermand Amendment

Senate Joint Resolution 15 provides Alaska’s call to Congress for a clearly defined, single-issue Countermand Amendment Convention. The Countermand Amendment to the United States Constitution, when ratified, will allow states to propose Countermand Initiatives, which upon approval by three-fifths of the state legislatures, will repeal any federal statute, executive order, judicial decision, or regulatory decision listed in the Initiative.

SCR 3 ~ School Choice Week

Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 recognizes the week of January 25-31, 2015, as School Choice Week in Alaska to raise public awareness of the importance of effective education options for our children.

SCR 4 ~ The Delegate Resolution

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 enables the state legislature to institute parameters for the convention, ensuring that a “runaway convention” is not possible, and provides for a productive, safe and timely process. The Delegate Resolution establishes a Credential Committee for selection of delegates to the convention, and outlines the duties of the delegates. SCR 4 also includes the language of the proposed Countermand Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.