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Priority #1: Education

schoolhouse.pngSmart Spending for Smarter Schools

Education issues such as accountability, testing standards and charter school expansion were subject to robust debate.   After many hours of discussion, public testimony and numerous changes to the original bill, the Senate passed House Bill 278 which provides:

  • A funding increase in the base student allocation rate, adding more money to each and every classroom across the state
  • Increased funding for the expansion of charter schools
  • Increased accountability standards
  • Revised testing standards
  • Increased access to student loans, SB 195 >  SJR 23 >
  • Created a University Building Fund, SB 74 >
  • Download Full Senate Adjournment Packet >


moneybags.pngPriority #2: Control State Spending

A bright tomorrow for every smart decision today

After years of expansive state spending, the Senate and House majorities worked hard to craft operating and capital budgets that reflect Alaska's core values while holding the line on expansive government growth.   The Senate passed budgets which:


Priority #3: Fighting Federal Overreach

eagle.pngFighting for Alaskans and their rights

The NSA has their fingers in your inbox and their ear to your cell phone. Enough is enough. Alaskans count privacy and local control of their lands and resources among their dearest of all freedoms. The Senate worked hard to send the Federal Government a strong message:



Priority #4: Energy

Energizing Alaska's Future

Bringing Alaska's abundant, clean and affordable energy to Alaskan homes was at the top of the Alaska Senate's agenda in both 2013 and 2014 and we are proud to have delivered:


oil.pngPriority #5: More Oil in the Pipeline

Encouraging New Exploration to Fund Tomorrow's Needs

The Senate Majority has spearheaded new changes to Alaska's oil tax structure with the specific goal of encouraging new petroleum exploration, discovery and production:


bright-idea.jpgPriority #6: Creating Opportunity

Anticipating Tomorrow's Growth

After years of deadlock, the Senate passed a Knik Arm Bridge funding framework which, for the first time, has a clear pathway to completion. 

  • Provide legal authorization for the public financing of the Knik Arm Crossing Bridge. Learn More >
  • Creates the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board SB 194 >
  • Protecting Alaska's commercial fisherman  SB 71 >
  • Attract private investment for ports, roads, other projects in the Alaskan Arctic  SB 140 >
  • Establishes a Statewide Vaccination Program  SB 169 >
  • Fighting Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Alaska  SCR 13 & SCR 14 >
  • Saving Alaska businesses money by providing an exemption for long-term rental cars  SB 178 >
  • Download Full Senate Adjournment Packet >


Priority #7: Criminal Justice Reform

inmate.pngProactive Policies to Protect Alaskans

Working across party lines, Senate members crafted numerous changes large and small to Alaska's criminal and civil codes with the goal of streamlining justice delivery and protecting Alaska's youth from emerging threats. 

  • Major bi-partisan overhaul of corrections reform emphasizing proven community and technological innovations to reduce recidivism and cut the cost of corrections while maintaining public safety SB 64 >
  • Protects the privacy of child when they are part of a child abuse investigation SB 187 >
  • Strengthen privacy rights for Alaskans when criminal charges prove to be unfounded SB 108 >
  • Strengthen victims rights in cases where stolen property is not promptly returned SB 110 >
  • Streamlines enforcement for minor offenses, such as parking tickets. SB 116 >
  • Provides for potential civil remedy for parents who have unlawfully lost an unborn child SB 200 >
  • Prohibit cyber-bullying of minors under the age of 18  SB 128 >
  • Prohibit the sale of designer drugs under a variety of labels such as "spice" SB 173 >
  • Protect land owners by strengthening Alaska's trespass laws SB 201 >
  • Download Full Senate Adjournment Packet >