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Wait, the Sky Isn't Falling

Media OutletAbout a week ago, Alaskans received some outstanding news North slope oil production rose for a third consecutive year Since 1988 was the last time this happened, it’s worth stepping back to take in the larger picture...  Full Story >>

Innovation is Key to Growing Economy

Media OutletIt’s easy to be frustrated about politics today Economic recession and budget deficits fuel divisiveness and fill the headlines But by working together, across the aisle, we brought ridesharing to our state and it is something Alaskans can all be proud of...  Full Story >>

The Income Tax Alaska Doesn't Need

Media OutletToday I’d like to share with you the Senate’s vision for Alaska’s next steps forward into the 21st century.  Full Story >>

Better a temporary deficit than an income tax

Media OutletWhile a balanced budget is normally a good idea, I would argue it will be detrimental in our case because it includes instituting an income tax I advocate that carrying a modest deficit going forward is instead in the best interest of our state...  Full Story >>

Invitation to help improve Alaska's alcohol laws

Media OutletAlcohol and substance abuse destroy individual lives, families and adversely affect communities It is also a key cost driver in several state departments responsible for responding to the resulting carnage Although we have noticed the increase of opioid...  Full Story >>

Senate majority committed to safe communities

Media OutletThe Senate Majority stands with Alaskans who have become frustrated with the increase in drug-related property crimes, which began trending upward in 2012.  Full Story >>

State alcohol law rewrite continues

Media OutletNow, Senator Micciche is making the rounds to discuss ongoing work on Title 4, with a Nov. 15 deadline for the final legislation to be ready.  Full Story >>

Crowd Funding Opens Doors

Media OutletHave you ever had a problem whose solution is so simple – it feels like you already knew it, but just hadn't thought of it recently?  Full Story >>

Thinking Twice about LNG

Media OutletWith dividends at stake, it is easy to become desperate, and seek action we would never rationally choose to do  Full Story >>

Budget Cuts Are Real

Media OutletThe budget of the state of Alaska has been cut. There are those who will claim it hasn't, but they are wrong.  Full Story >>

Getting to "Yes" in Tough Times

Media OutletOn day one, the Senate proposed a path forward including reductions, reforms and revenue Our operating budget was completed by day 60 It proposed $450 million in cuts to state agencies, which was in addition to last year’s cuts of more than $750 million...  Full Story >>

Legislature Should Concentrate on Budget First

Media OutletOur goal was to fully fund a budget for the state of Alaska – preventing thousands of state employees from receiving pink slip notices on June 1  Full Story >>

Democrats loved credits, until they didn't

Media OutletThis is the law the Democrats fought to bring back in 2014 and the one they pine for to this day.  Full Story >>

Criminal Justice Reform Unfairly Attacked

Media OutletThe bill reduces spending on things that the research shows don’t reduce crime, and reinvests $85 million of those savings over the next six years into things that are proven to reduce crime.  Full Story >>