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Sen. Stedman’s Plan Guards, Grows Alaskans’ Permanent Fund

JUNEAU – Sen Bert Stedman (R-Sitka) rolled out a new plan this year to guard and grow the Alaska Permanent Fund...  Full Story >>

Senate Passes Bill to Protect Coastal Economies, Save Public Funds

JUNEAU – The Alaska State Senate passed a bill today to protect jobs in Alaska’s coastal communities and save the...  Full Story >>

PFD Audit Measure Shows Early Signs of Success

JUNEAU – Senate President Pete Kelly (R-Fairbanks) was encouraged today by the initial success of a measure aimed...  Full Story >>

News from the Alaska State Legislature, the Office of Senator Costello
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Alaska’s Economy the focus of Senate Labor & Commerce

JUNEAU - The Senate Labor & Commerce Committee, chaired by Senator Mia Costello (R-Anchorage), will dedicate its first two weeks of hearings to Alaska’s economy.

The committee will hear from economic experts, communities, and industry to better understand the status of Alaska’s economy. Presenters will brief the committee on current economic trends and present policy options for legislators.

See a detailed Senate Labor & Commerce schedule below:


Wednesday January 18th
9:00am Beltz Committee Room

“Current Trends in Alaska’s Economy”
Dan Robinson – Chief of Research & Analysis
Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development


Wednesday January 18th
1:30 pm Beltz Committee Room

“What do we know about the Alaska Economy and where is it heading?”
Dr. Mouhcine Guettabi – Assistant Professor of Economic
Institute of Social & Economic Research

“Forecasting Alaska’s Economy: 2016 - 2027”
Jonathan King – Vice President & Senior Economist
Northern Economics


Thursday January 19th
1:30pm Beltz Committee Room

“Moving Alaska’s Economy Forward”
Panel hearing - Experts discussing the condition of Alaska’s economy, policy options, and developing an economic strategy for Alaska

Dr. Ralph Townsend – Director & Professor of Economics
Institute of Social & Economic Research

Joe Beedle – Chairman          
Northrim Bank

Marcus Hartley – President & Principal Economist
Northern Economics

Mark Romick – Deputy Executive Director
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Dan Robinson – Chief of Research & Analysis
Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development


Tuesday January 24th
1:30 pm Beltz Committee Room

“Alaska Tourism Industry and Trends”
Sarah Leonard – President & CEO
Alaska Travel Industry Association

“Alaska International Airport System – An Economic Engine”
John Binder – Deputy Commissioner
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

“Alaska’s Health Care Insurance Market”
Lori Wing-Heier – Director
Alaska Division of Insurance


Thursday January 26th
1:30 pm Beltz Committee Room

“Alaska’s Local Economic Strategies”
Bill Popp – President & CEO
Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

Jim Dodson – President & CEO
Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation

Shelly Wright – Executive Director
Southeast Conference

Northern Opportunity: Alaska’s Economic Strategy
Chris Hladick – Commissioner
Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development

Britteny Cioni-Haywood – Director
Alaska Division of Economic Development

For more information, please contact Weston Eiler in the Senator Mia Costello’s office at (907) 465-4968.