Priority #2 ~ Affordable Energy

energy.pngKeeping the Heat On

Provide Affordable Energy to Stabilize our Economy & Communities

Alaska is blessed with an abundance of energy sources including water, wind and natural gas.  This energy is not evenly spread among Alaska's vast and diverse environments. While one community may enjoy seemingly endless, cheap heating, their friends just a few miles away may live in a far different economic reality.

Many of our communities remain reliant on fuel oil for heating. The price of oil fluctuates wildly, it is hazardous to transport and burns far less clean than natural gas. For some families the heating budget competes with the food budget. When it's -60 degrees outside, no Alaskan should have to decide between being fed and being warm.

The Alaska Senate Majority has acted decisively to provide Fairbanks and surrounding communities with more affordable energy. Two projects are concurrently underway to get natural gas to Alaska's largest concentration of fuel oil dependent households. These initiatives include:

  • AKLNG Phase 1 Authorized  SB 138 >
  • AIDEA Bonding Authority for Interior Energy  HB 105 >

Senator Giessel Speaks in Support of AKLNG Gasline

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