Cathy Giessel

Representing Northeast Anchorage, Anchorage Hillside, Indian, Bird, Girdwood & Portage

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Senator Cathy Giessel

Senate Majority Announces Team, Caucus Agreement

ANCHORAGE – The Alaska Senate Majority today announced its complete team for the 31st Alaska Legislature, which begins Jan. 15.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

New Alaska Senate Majority Announced

ANCHORAGE – Members of the Alaska Senate today formed a new majority organization including all 13 Republican senators.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

Senators Respond to Salmon Initiative Decision

Today the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that major portions of Ballot Measure #1 may appear on November’s general election ballot, despite striking down other un-constitutional portions.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

Senate Approves Program to Pay Outstanding Tax Credit Debt

JUNEAU – The Alaska Senate today approved a program to resolve nearly $1 billion owed to small oil and gas companies and reinvigorate work in the state’s oil patch.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

Legislature Improves Access to Mental Health Services

JUNEAU – The Alaska Legislature today unanimously passed a bill to improve access to mental health services for Alaskans.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

Senate Votes to Establish Marijuana Education & Treatment Fund

JUNEAU – The Alaska Senate today unanimously passed a bill establishing the Marijuana Education & Treatment Fund to address the negative health and social consequences of marijuana use.  Full Story >>

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Senator Cathy Giessel

Thinking Twice about LNG

With dividends at stake, it is easy to become desperate, and seek action we would never rationally choose to do  Full Story >>

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Senator Cathy Giessel

Democrats loved credits, until they didn't

This is the law the Democrats fought to bring back in 2014 and the one they pine for to this day.  Full Story >>

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Cathy Giessel

District N, Republican

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Alaska State Senate: 2011-present

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National Involvement:

Council of State Governments (CSG)

Council of State Governments-West

Energy Council

Energy Producing State Coalition

National Council of State Legislators

Pacific Northwest Economic Region

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Western States

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Juneau: 907.465.4843
Anchorage: 907.269.0181

State Capitol Room 427
Juneau, AK 99801

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SB 128 ~ Marijuana Education and Treatment Fund  Bill Text

Senate Bill 128 would establish a Marijuana Education & Treatment Fund in the state of Alaska This fund would be administered by the Division of Public Health and be modeled after the Tobacco Use Education and Cessation...


SB 112 ~ Workers Compensation Reform  Bill Text

Alaska’s workers’ compensation system is a vital and basic safety net for our neighbors, families, and friends However, the unsustainable costs of the system, combined with the complexity and inefficiency of...


SB 38 ~ Pharmacy Benefits Managers  Bill Text

Passage of Senate Bill 38 will establish procedures and guidelines for the auditing of pharmacy records so that all pharmacies are held to the same standards by its auditors It has been introduced by request of the Alaska...


SB 169 ~ Medicaid: Behavioral Health Coverage  Bill Text

Alaska has mental health care professionals who can provide needed services to Alaskans However, the system has built-in constraints on where and how providers can offer mental health services, limiting access to...


SB 108 ~ Licensing of Physicians, Osteopaths and Podiatrists  Bill Text

Outdated and overly cumbersome statutes and regulations are interfering with the ability of our medical community to meet the needs of Alaskans, resulting in delays of licensure that negatively impact both doctors...


SB 124 ~ Born Alive  Bill Text

Great strides have been made in modern medicine, and more babies born prematurely are surviving these early deliveries With these medical advancements, all babies should be afforded the same degree of chance and care...


SB 37 ~ Pharmacy Board & Employees; Drug Distribution/Manufacturing  Bill Text

Passage of Senate Bill 37 will create a more secure drug supply chain by allowing for licensing and inspection of wholesale drug distributors outside of the state Currently, Alaska is one of the few remaining states that...


SB 129 ~ 80th Percentile & Balance Billing  Bill Text

The cost of healthcare in Alaska is the highest in the United States The United States’ healthcare costs are the highest in the world Multiple comparative studies have documented the excessively high healthcare...


SB 120 ~ Licensing of Naturopathic Doctors  Bill Text

Current law provides little definition of what naturopathic doctors can and cannot do This has led to very conservative regulatory interpretations over the years, resulting in Alaska having some of the more...


SB 36 ~ Optometry & Optometrists  Bill Text

SB 36 modernizes and updates the Alaska Optometry Statute, as the language is antiquated, with some language over 50 years old This bill allows the optometry board the authority to regulate its practice the same as the...


SB 49 ~ Physical/Occupational Board Therapy/Practice  Bill Text

Senate Bill 49 amends the governing statutes for physical therapists and occupational therapists practicing in Alaska Its amendments are technical in nature and are designed to bring Alaska statutes in line with...



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