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For Immediate Release: February 09, 2018

Senate Cuts Red Tape for Hairdressers, Barbers & Braiders

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JUNEAU – The Alaska State Senate today unanimously passed a measure that would open the door to more economic opportunity by reducing the state’s regulatory burden on hairdressers, barbers, and hair braiders.

“Sometimes a bill is required to reduce an unnecessary regulatory burden and to bolster free trade.  SB 4 is one such bill that removes obstacles for Alaskans who are ready to support themselves in a free market,” said Sen. Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna) the bill’s sponsor. “During this time of recession in Alaska’s economy, we are evaluating the balance between quality training programs and situations where government has hindered commerce and the ability for Alaskans to earn a living. Revisions to the barbers’ and hairdressers’ statutes provide opportunities to correct these imbalances.”

SB 4 creates two new license types: a non-chemical barber’s license and a braiding license, which would align training requirements to the specific demands and required skills of each trade. The bill also streamlines the process for obtaining a shop license by giving the Board of Barbers and Hairdressers the authority over DEC statutes and regulations for health and sanitation standards.  

Currently, all barbers are held to the same standard as hairdressers trained in chemical waving, chemical straightening, bleaching, and coloring. They must complete a total of 1,650 training hours and the same apprentice hours as hairdressers. SB 4 also reduces the 1,650 hours required for braiders to 35 hours. The bill opens the door to more Alaskans interested in joining the industry by allowing them to obtain a non-chemical barber’s license or a hair braiding license, with standards appropriate for each trade.

“The common-sense provisions in SB 4 provide more economic opportunity and less government-induced burden for hard-working Alaskans,” said Sen. Micciche. “More jobs matched to appropriate training standards delivers independence and success, or in the adverse, less dependence on the government, less public assistance, less Medicaid dependence, etc.”

SB 4 is now on its way to the Alaska House of Representatives for consideration.

For more information, contact Senate Majority Press Secretary Daniel McDonald at (907) 465-4066.


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