education.pngInvesting in Our Next Generation

Educate and Train Alaskans for the Future of Our State

No one questions that education is a smart investment for the future of each student and our state as a whole. Our members hold a diverse portfolio of convictions on the best course to chart for Alaska's educational future.

As the Senate Majority we focus on accountability and standards, making sure that Alaska's educational dollars are being used to the greatest effect in the classroom.

We promote opportunity and choice for Alaska's parents and students – empowering students to pursue learning in different ways, whether in traditional classroom settings or in a charter school environment.

Since 2015, the State of Alaska has been challenged by a devastating drop in revenue. While cutting some departments by more than 30%, the Senate Majority asked for a reduction in the Base Student Allocation (BSA) of 1.4%. In an environment of scarce resources, the Senate Majority's focus has been finding revenue neutral ways to encourage excellence in education.

Senate Bills Focused on improving Education

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Senator Click Bishop

PFD Raffle to Fund Education Passes Senate

JUNEAU – By a vote of 19-1, the Alaska State Senate today approved Senate Bill 78, a bill that would allow Alaskans to voluntarily sign-up for a raffle to fund education – and possibly win...  Full Story >>

Senator Anna MacKinnon

Trio of New Bills Focused on Improving K-12 Education

JUNEAU – A trio of bills introduced in the Alaska State Senate today would improve educational outcomes for students by establishing innovation grants, boosting broadband capacity,...  Full Story >>

Senator Click Bishop

Sen. Bishop Unveils Permanent Fund Education Lottery

JUNEAU – Sen Click Bishop (R-Fairbanks) introduced a bill today that would allow Alaskans to voluntarily sign up for a lottery to fund education – and possibly win big money – when...  Full Story >>

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