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Do you feel the State’s earthquake response was:

Better than expected: 3,426 (46%) ~ Satisfactory: 3,047 (41%) ~ Disappointing: 224 (3%) ~ Unsure: 702 (9%)

Do you support or oppose building alternative transportation routes such as the Knik Arm Bridge or the Juneau Road Access project provided that Federal gasoline tax funds are available to offset a majority of the cost?

Strongly Support: 1,929 (26%) ~ Somewhat Support: 2,050 (28%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 1,248 (17%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 2,091 (29%)

Do you support or oppose the Legislature holding session on the road system?

Strongly Support: 2,807 (39%) ~ Somewhat Support: 2,257 (31%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 998 (14%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 1,137 (16%)

Do you feel the State’s public safety response is generally:

Better than expected: 712 (10%) ~ Satisfactory: 3,928 (53%) ~ Disappointing: 2,279 (31%) ~ Unsure: 460 (6%)

After responsible spending reductions are made, do you support or oppose payment of a larger Permanent Fund Dividend even if it means less money for schools, roads and troopers?

Strongly Support: 1,854 (25%) ~ Somewhat Support: 955 (13%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 1,015 (14%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 3,560 (48%)

In your opinion is current state spending too high, about right or too low?:

Too Low: 2,231 (31%) ~ About Right: 2,043 (28%) ~ Too High: 3,031 (41%)

K-12 Education Funding is:

Too Low: 3,762 (51%) ~ About Right: 861 (12%) ~ Too High: 1,016 (14%) ~ I care about results: 1,498 (20%) ~ Unsure: 270 (4%)

If all environmental safeguards are met, do you support or oppose development of Pebble mine?

Strongly Support: 1,936 (26%) ~ Somewhat Support: 965 (13%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 829 (11%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 3,677 (50%)

The Department of Interior is pursuing oil and gas lease sales in a small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Do you support or oppose this action?

Strongly Support: 3,046 (41%) ~ Somewhat Support: 1,066 (14%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 700 (9%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 2,598 (35%)

Do you support or oppose the Trump Administration’s trade tariffs policy with China?

Strongly Support: 2,042 (28%) ~ Somewhat Support: 1,116 (15%) ~ Somewhat Oppose: 1,197 (16%) ~ Strongly Oppose: 2,926 (40%)

Even though the survey response set is large, it may not be an accurate representation of all Alaskans. For example, only Alaskans with internet access were able to respond.

397 duplicate and out-of-state submissions were purged from the final tally

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Senator Cathy Giessel

Statement from Senate President Giessel on Recess of 31st Legislature

JUNEAU – Senate President Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, early this morning released the following statement on the 31st Alaska Legislature’s...  Full Story >>

Senator Bert Stedman

Legislature Approves Budgets, COVID-19 Emergency Funding

JUNEAU – The Alaska Legislature early this morning approved the state’s operating and capital budgets for the upcoming 2021 fiscal year, with critical emergency funding for the...  Full Story >>

Senator John Coghill

Legislature Extends Emergency Declaration, Provides Economic Relief

JUNEAU – In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Alaska Legislature early this morning passed a bill extending Governor Mike Dunleavy’s public health...  Full Story >>

Senator Click Bishop

Legislature Reforms Alaska’s Mining Policies

JUNEAU – The Alaska Legislature today passed a bill reforming the state’s mining policies.  Full Story >>

Senator Cathy Giessel

Legislature Expands Alaska Mental Health Services

JUNEAU – The Alaska Legislature today passed a bill expanding mental health services in Alaska.  Full Story >>

Senator Bert Stedman

Senate Passes State Operating Budget with COVID-19 Response Funding

JUNEAU – The Alaska Senate today passed a bill funding state government for the upcoming 2021 fiscal year, a partial capital budget, and emergency funding to respond to the coronavirus...  Full Story >>

Senate Majority Press Press

Legislative Leaders to Alaskans: Help is on the way

JUNEAU – Today, Senate President Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, Senator Bert Stedman, R-Sitka, co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Senator Natasha von Imhof,...  Full Story >>

Senator Josh Revak

Alaska Senate Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

JUNEAU – Today, exactly 107 years after the First Territorial Alaska Senate passed a bill granting Alaskan women the right to vote, the Thirty-First Alaska Senate unanimously approved...  Full Story >>

Senator Bert Stedman

Legislature Provides Relief Funding for Coronavirus Impacts

Bill also pays for last year’s firefighting and healthcare costs  Full Story >>

Senator Bert Stedman

Public Testimony Notice: Alaska Operating and Capital Budgets

JUNEAU – This week, the Alaska Senate Finance Committee will be taking public testimony on the operating and capital budgets beginning at 9 a.m. on Wednesday....  Full Story >>

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