Getting Help

The Legislature passed Senate Bill 241 on Sunday, March 29th. SB 241 provides that Alaskans who are suffering economically due to COVID-19 may avoid eviction for non-payment of rent, utility service cutoff or vehicle repossession under certain circumstances. Talk to your landlord, utility or bank for details. Unpaid rent and debts must eventually be repaid in full.

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COVID-19 Response Resources

Here are resources available to help understand how the coronavirus battle is being waged at the federal, state and local levels:

Federal Action

A few details


State of Alaska COVID 19 Response

The Governor and Legislature moved swiftly to address the coronavirus challenge facing Alaska:


Alaska-specific information

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

How long does COVID-19 survive outside the body? 

What are the most effective ways to sanitize surfaces?

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Senate Majority Press Press

Legislature Sends SB 91 Repeal to Governor's Desk

JUNEAU – The Alaska Legislature today voted to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91, strengthen the state’s sex crime laws, and provide police and prosecutors with new tools to fight...  Full Story >>

Senate Majority Press Press

Senate Votes Unanimously to Repeal and Replace SB 91

JUNEAU – The Alaska Senate today voted unanimously to repeal and replace Senate Bill 91, strengthen the state’s sex crime laws, and provide police and prosecutors with new tools to...  Full Story >>

Senator Peter Micciche

Sen. Micciche Bill Closes “Schneider Loopholes” for Sexual Assault

JUNEAU — Today, Senator Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna) filed Senate Bill 12 to eliminate the “Schneider Loopholes” in Alaska’s criminal code. The case of Justin Schneider, the man...  Full Story >>

Senator Mia Costello

Senate Passes Crime Package, Votes to End 'Catch and Release'

The Alaska Senate today passed a wide-ranging crime package that provides judges and law enforcement with the tools they need to effectively fight crime.  Full Story >>

Senator Peter Micciche

Senate Pushes Back on Crime

JUNEAU – Today, Sen. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage), chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, released a package of bills designed to provide Alaska’s law enforcement and courts with...  Full Story >>

Senator Peter Micciche

Senate Toughens Criminal Law

JUNEAU - Today, by a vote of 11 to 8, the Alaska Senate concurred with the House changes to Senate Bill 54. SB54 toughens Alaska criminal laws reversing some provisions of Senate Bill 91...  Full Story >>

Senator John Coghill

Senate Provides Health Insurance for Families of Fallen Officers

JUNEAU – The Alaska State Senate unanimously passed a bill today that provides for medical insurance coverage for surviving dependents of peace officers and firefighters killed in the...  Full Story >>

Senator John Coghill

Effort to Increase Public Safety Passes Senate

JUNEAU – The Alaska State Senate passed legislation today protecting public safety, following through on a commitment to Alaskans to ensure police have the tools they need to fight...  Full Story >>

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