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passed legislation

passed the senate

SB 20

SB 32


SB 36


SB 71

SB 95


SB 101


SB 122


SB 131

Allows teachers in good standing from other states to more seamlessly relocate their teaching activity to Alaska schools

Expands access to college coursework for public high school students

Requires the Board of Regents to prepare a biennial report on accreditation for all University of Alaska instructional programs

Attaches a surcharge to the Alaska Artistic License Plate Program

Allows a volunteer search and rescue organization to exercise the right of first refusal on items related to search and rescue before the property is sold, leased, licenses, or disposed

Extends the termination date of the Citizens' Advisory Commission on Federal Management Areas in Alaska and provides an effective date

Removes the word “adult” before the word “child” in the definition of a victim

Adds breast cancer to the list of diseases presumed covered by workers’ compensation insurance for firefighters

passed the legislature

SB 19


SB 21


SB 22


SB 24


SB 27


SB 40

SB 69

SB 70

SB 125


SB 134

Extends the Special Education Service Agency’s sunset date to June 30, 2029

Merges oversight of emergency medical services system under a single agency

Repeals the termination date for the intensive management hunting license surcharge

Allows corporate shareholder meetings and nonprofit member meetings to be held electronically

Allows for more business opportunities for industrial hemp

Requires individuals and businesses who offer compensated veterans services to provide veterans a written disclosure form listing the free alternatives prior to taking them on as a client

Extends an exemption from duplicative government regulations for independent power producers

Extends access to a life-saving opioid overdose reversal drug, naloxone

Allows a hunting permit awarded by drawing to be transferred to another qualified hunter if the original permit holder dies before completing the hunt

Corrects an unintended consequence due to different interpretations of language included in the board’s last reauthorization bill.