Legislature Unanimously Passes Legislation Allowing Donations for Department of Transportation and P

The Alaska State Legislature unanimously passed legislation that provides a new avenue for funding commemorative naming projects. Senate Bill 168 allows the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to collect donations from the public for signage. Senate Bill 168 helps avoid an unfortunate point of contention during the debate of commemorative naming projects: the cost of the signage that accompanies them. During times of budget woes, the associated financial costs of these commemorative naming projects can be a roadblock to a project’s progress. Senate Bill 168 passed the House on a vote of 33-0 and passed the Senate on a vote of 18-0 in March of this year.

Senate Robert Myers (R-North Pole), who sponsored Senate Bill 168 said, “As legislators, we have the opportunity to honor individual Alaskans and groups who have contributed to our communities, state, and nation. One of the more prominent ways we do that is through the commemorative naming of bridges, public buildings, and roads. This bill creates a process so that donations from individuals and organizations can be used to purchase signs instead of relying entirely on state funding.”

For more information, please contact Dawson Mann in Senator Myers’ office at 907-465-3719.

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