Senate Passes Resolutions Supporting the People of Ukraine & Increased Clean American Oil Production

Today, the Alaska Senate unanimously passed Senate Joint Resolutions 24 and 25.

Senate Joint Resolution 25 by the Senate Rules Committee expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine, urges the United States Congress and President Biden to consider further sanctions and actions, and demands that the Russian Federation stop all hostilities against the Ukraine.

Senator Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak), chair of the Senate Rules Committee said “SJR 25 states in no uncertain terms that the Alaska Senate

stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in condemning Russia's illegal invasion of their country and demanding a swift and peaceful end to hostilities," Senator Stevens said. "The resolution supports current economic sanctions against the Russian Federation

and urges the United States Congress and the President to consider further measured and appropriate sanctions to help end this unconscionable war."

Senate Joint Resolution 24 by the Senate Resources Committee calls for President Biden’s Administration and the United States Congress to increase clean oil and gas production and renewable options in Alaska and other energy-producing states to offset the loss of imported Russian oil and to strengthen the economy and security of the nation.

Senator Josh Revak (R-Anchorage), chair of the Senate Resources Committee said “I am outraged at the destruction we’ve been seeing on the news caused by Russia Federation’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. I’m outraged at the blatant disregard for social responsibility of all kinds - human rights, sovereignty of the

Ukrainian people, attacks on innocent Ukrainian civilians, and their environmental malfeasance. The U.S. has purchased more oil from Russia than we’ve been allowed to produce in Alaska. We’ve allowed our nation to become reliant on dangerous foreign powers. We have the solution right here in our backyard. If we open hydrocarbon production now while working at an all of the above energy approach we will strengthen our economy, eliminate our dependence on foreign oil; and help us continue to build a sustainable energy approach.”

Senate President Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna) said, “I am proud of the Alaska Senate for unanimously standing up for what reflects our most important human rights values as Alaskans. We stand with the people of Ukraine and their democratically elected government against President Putin’s unprovoked aggression against the innocent of their neighboring country. We also stand together demanding U.S. energy policies that increase production of all kinds within the boundaries of our country for domestic security and in support of environmental, social and governance performance that remains best-in-class globally. We do it best here in Alaska, and hypocritically supporting dirty oil produced elsewhere is simply significantly moving environmental performance and social responsibility in a backward direction.”