Senate President Micciche Announces Appointments to Alaska Marine Highway Operations Board

JUNEAU Senate President Peter Micciche has announced the appointment of Paul Johnsen and David Arzt to the Alaska Marine Highway Operations Board (AMHOB).

Established through House Bill 63, the nine-member board is charged with improving the long-term viability, functionality, accountability and sustainability of the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS).

“After reviewing the current appointees, our primary interest was identifying members that could strengthen operational areas that would provide well-rounded, experienced capacity toward a successful AMHS. Paul and David represent approximately a combined 94 years of direct experience in the matters most important to the improvement and development of a functional, sustainable AMHS,” said Senate President Peter Micciche, R-Soldotna.

Paul Johnsen is from Petersburg, Alaska, and began his career in the Coast Guard as a vessel safety inspector in 1971. During his professional career, Johnsen has served all over the globe in marine positions both on board ships and in shoreside management. He supervised approximately 50 vessel dry dockings around the globe from within Alaska, Lower 48 east and west coasts, as well as overseas in the Far East.

Johnsen retired from the AMHS in 2007 as a senior port and chief engineer prior to undertaking other marine ventures. He knows the system intimately and has the experience, capacity and skills to strengthen the team significantly.

David Arzt is from Homer, Alaska, and is an active Alaska Marine Pilot who attended the SUNI Maritime College at Fort Schuyler from 1979-1982. Arzt possesses extensive experience in the maritime industry as a vessel pilot of unlimited tonnage and a master of ocean vessels of unlimited tonnage. He has actively served on numerous boards and committees pertinent to service on the AMHOB, such as the Aleutian Risk Assessment Work Group, the Marine Exchange of Alaska, the American Pilots Association and the Aleutian Islands Safety Committee.

Arzt has a proven record as a hard-working, dedicated board member to the marine transportation causes he serves, is well-versed in operational and functional vessel needs for Alaska-specific service and will be a valuable addition to the AMHOB team.


Media Contact: Malia Barto Alaska Senate Majority (907) 465-3990