Senate President Peter Micciche's Statement on Colonel Maurice Hughes

Today, Senate President Peter Micciche lauded the promotion of Captain Maurice “Mo” Hughes to the rank of Colonel of the Alaska State Troopers, which will continue the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s tradition of excellence and commitment to ensuring the safety of all Alaskans. The appointment is effective on September 1.

Governor Mike Dunleavy announced Department of Public Safety leadership changes during a livestream on Facebook today. Deputy Commissioner Leon Morgan announced his retirement after more than 25 years of distinguished service to the Department of Public Safety. Alaska State Trooper (AST) Colonel Bryan Barlow has been promoted as the Department’s Deputy Commissioner. Colonel Hughes replaces Colonel Barlow.

Colonel Hughes has served Alaskans as a State Trooper for 32 years. Since 2016, he has served the Kenai Peninsula and southeast Alaska as the AST Commander of Detachment E. During his state service, he has supervised Western Alaska State Troopers, worked in the recruitment unit, and managed Court Service Officers in the Anchorage area. Additionally, Colonel Hughes has been a firearms instructor, a K9 handler and a member of the Tracking Team. A graduate of the FBI National Academy, Colonel Hughes is a certified police instructor in Alaska and holds an advanced police certificate.

Senate President Peter Micciche, (R-Soldotna), said, “I congratulate Captain Maurice Hughes on his promotion to the rank of Colonel. Colonel Hughes has served the Peninsula as commander of our local Trooper Detachment E in Soldotna for many years,” said Senator Peter Micciche. “I have worked with the Colonel through many tough issues over the years ranging from natural disasters to violent crimes and on many constituent issues. He is the consummate Trooper, always willing to respectfully engage and inspiring to those following in his footsteps. I am proud of Colonel Hughes’ promotion to the Colonel of the AST and congratulate the Governor for the wise choice. I’m fully confident of Colonel Hughes’ abilities to continuously improve the AST organization and therefore, public safety service for Alaskans.

For more information, please contact Konrad Jackson in Senator Micciche’s office at 907-283-7996.